Foster innovation through synthetic data

Aindo’s privacy-compliant synthetic data opens up endless opportunities.

Revolutionary data lead-times, accuracy and security

Outperforming traditional anonymization techniques, Aindo’s synthetic data is compliant with privacy legislation, directly available and preserves analytic utility.

Fair innovation and new data territories

Aindo’s synthetic data resolves problems stemming from data scarcity and removes data imbalances.

Unrivaled universality through cutting-edge AI

Aindo’s synthetic data generator seamlessly integrates with your data pipeline.

Synthetic vs. Anonimized data example

Key benefits

Increase data security

by handling only synthetic yet statistically representative data

Reduce risks and cut the costs

associated with data anonymization activities

Share safely with third parties

100% GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant

Aindo user interface

Discover how to integrate Aindo into your data pipelines.

Use cases


Securely transfer data between departments or to third parties. Significantly reduce lead times incurred with traditional data anonymization.


Get the most out of your data though unrestricted consulting. Discover new synergies with key players in your value chain through new shared data spaces. Valorise your data to its fullest extent.


Directly benefit from new shared data spaces by trading data. Sell synthetic copies of your database, or acquire information that is currently lacking within your operations.


Protocols require data clearance after fixed retention periods. Gain new, longitudinal insights by storing synthetic data copies without retention restrictions.


Synthetic data increases information accessibility. This will boost innovation. It also results in tailored product demonstrations, IT development and even gamification!


Databases may inaccurately represent populations or contain information that is not robust to special events. These imperfections are resolved through synthetic data augmentation.