Your Artificial Intelligence Partner

Our mission is to unleash the power of sensitive data

Our novel technology Intuite AI takes a corporate data-set as input and produces a synthetic data-set as output, that exhibits the same statistical properties, unhinging it from any legal bond.



What we do

Automation through AI

Recent developments in AI allow companies to automate tasks that are generally either performed by human operators (e.g. video and image analysis) or simply omitted due to their labor-intensive nature (e.g. profiling customers). The economic value of AI automation lies in its ability to reduce costs and improve efficiency. For most businesses it is crucial to take advantage of such automation in order to remain competitive. Aindo provides companies with the opportunity to incorporate automation into their best practices, either using stand alone solutions or integrated into their systems.

Predictive Modelling

Regression or Classification through Deep neural networks, support vector machines, random forest-based algorithms

Natural Language Processing

NLP through Deep Learning, word embeddings and byte pair encodings

Data Visualization

Display data in Python, Power BI, R-shiny, Tableu, Microstrategy or Kibana