Hybrid work in tech startup

Jasper Krapp on hybrid work in tech

Jasper Krapp, Head of Strategy @ Aindo Jasper Krapp, MBA, Head of Strategy at Aindo

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly. Startups aspiring to make meaningful contributions therefore need access to a deep talent pool. A flexible work culture offers opportunities to do so. Through hybrid and remote positions, flexible companies can attract otherwise unavailable talent. But how do you make such a work set-up succeed? And how can non-technical profiles excel in the AI sector?

Meet Jasper Krapp, MBA graduate from the University of Oxford and Head of Strategy at Aindo. With his business background, Jasper works hybridly for a deep-tech venture. This puts him in the perfect position to answer these questions. In this blog, he shares his experience and insights on hybrid work, working in tech, and the importance of ethical AI.

Three tips to succeed as a hybrid worker

“Working with Aindo is dynamic in every sense,” says Jasper. “Coming from a more structured setting, it is very different working with a growth venture like Aindo.” Moreover, Aindo supports hybrid working, allowing Jasper to rotate between Italy and Switzerland. Having gained considerable experience with this set-up, Jasper shares three tips on making it work:

“Firstly, it’s essential to have regular check-ins with team members. We need to stay up to date on strategic and operational priorities, as they change dynamically. Secondly, the physical absence of a team member can make collaboration a bit more challenging. That is why remote workers should actively seek continuous feedback on tasks and current priorities. It’s essential to stay aligned as one team. Lastly, I’d like to underline one golden rule: never assume anything! It’s important to speak to people directly and deal with matters firsthand. Of course, not everything can be done remotely. In order to build trust both personally and professionally, it’s crucial to organize regular working sessions on site. Some matters just cannot be conveyed through a screen and headphones.”

Working in a high-tech environment

Commencing his work in a deep-tech venture, Jasper impressed the Aindo team with his quick learning abilities. “The key is that I don’t have to be able to code the complex science behind the product. I do, however, have to understand the underlying technology and ‘speak the language’. This way, I can explain it to non-tech stakeholders,” Jasper points out. “Accordingly, Daniele (CEO) and Alex (Head of Communications) introduced me to relevant topics and taught me the basics and the terminology. I appreciated that Aindo created this open space for communication in which everyone feels encouraged to ask questions at any time.”

The importance of ethical AI

Aindo’s commitment to ethical AI is what enticed Jasper to join the team. “What initially made me so passionate about this field, is its role in healthcare applications,” says Jasper. “Our society has been confronted with a major healthcare crisis. It has never been more relevant to work towards a more innovative and efficient healthcare setting. AI is a very meaningful asset to this sector: from innovating logistics, through novel disease research and swifter pharmaceutical research development, to more thorough and accurate diagnostics. Even health-monitoring at demographic level becomes possible.”

“Artificial intelligence is gaining more and more widespread societal recognition. Nowadays, generative AI is all the rage,” Jasper continues. “The recent introduction of large language models caught the world by storm. On the one hand, it showed us the mind-blowing capacities of technology. On the other hand, many questions and concerns arose regarding its impact on society. Thus, it is crucial to discuss ethical and responsible AI. That’s where Aindo comes in. By focusing on developing fair, safe, and ethical datasets through synthetic data technology, Aindo makes AI innovation possible while respecting our rights and freedom.”

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