Unlock the full potential of your data

Aindo’s synthetic data generator provides reliable, secure and directly accessible data for any analytic application.

Aindo data factory
1. Train

Aindo infers the intricate structures of your database. Our artificial intelligence methods can infer patterns that are beyond human comprehension.

2. Generate

Aindo then produces a synthetic database with the exact same statistical structures. However, its records are not linked to any real individual, so that the synthetic data does not contain any sensitive information.

3. Benefit

Synthetic data opens up endless opportunities, including safe data transfer and trade opportunities, reduced data lead-times and increased transparency.

Integrate Aindo into your best practices!

Our software is available in multiple formats, guaranteeing that your specific needs are met.

Software as a service (SAAS)

Aindo’s synthetic data generator is integrated directly in your data pipeline. This means your real data will never leave your local IT infrastructure and guarantees maximal security.

Local deployment

If your company has dedicated data scientists, they can use Aindo’s generator as a python module. It can then effortlessly be integrated with your existing data pipelines.