Through our extensive experience in the healthcare, finance and insurance sectors, we know first-hand how synthetic data will revolutionize your industry!


Advanced data science opens up endless opportunities for novel healthcare solutions. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often not realized, as privacy protocols restrict data exchange, aggregation, storage and interpretation. Aindo facilitates direct data-driven healthcare innovation by removing privacy risks. This will result in endless opportunities, including:

  • Superior AI-driven diagnostic assistance
  • Clinical support tools
  • Advanced treatment efficiency evaluation
  • Sophisticated chronic care management
  • Novel disease prevention methodologies
  • Advanced operational decision-making, including operating room scheduling
Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI)

Financial institutions manage large databases. Awareness of these databases’ potential value is increasing. However, privacy concerns hinder the institutions from fully exploring their data assets. Innovative breakthroughs that synthetic data availability will provide include:

  • Refined fraud detection
  • Tailored financial and insurance products
  • Improved client segmentation
  • Direct data trade, where BFSI institutes both monetize their own data and acquire missing information