About us

Company history

Aindo was established in June 2018 by a group of four data science professionals with a shared keen interest in the development and application of technologies related to machine learning. Central to Aindo’s philosophy is the notion that the realms of business, research and education can go hand-in-hand. Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving field and novel academic insights can often lead to considerable improvements in a practical setting. The devotion to these three realms is solidified by Aindo’s status as a startup of the International School for Advanced Studies, SISSA. It is also reflected in the team’s clientele. In the business domain, Aindo is active across multiple sectors. Most corporate partnerships are under an NDA, hence names of some involved institutions are omitted. In the financial sector, Aindo established a cooperation with a prominent Italian investment bank as well as a hedge fund from the United States. Aindo’s role in such projects is mainly related to the development of recommendation systems. Aindo also leverages recent developments in AI to help Chiesi pharmaceuticals in obtaining chemical compounds more efficiently. The team was also involved in an internal research project of ENI Enrico Mattei Foundation, offering advanced data analysis services in the food industry. Aindo’s integration of business and research was most apparent in their work with the S. Andrea University Hospital in Rome. In this project, algorithmic tools for prostate cancer diagnosis were developed. The study was submitted and presented at the European Urology Association (EAU) Congress in March 2019, Barcelona. In August 2019, Aindo was also given a European grant for the development of technologies related to generative models, a research theme currently gaining widespread academic attention. AS one of the 18 winners (out of 500) of the European Data Incubator organized in October 2019 in Berlin, Aindo receives 100.000 euro in funding for the development of a synthetic dataset generator based on generative models. Moreover, Aindo participated in the BSSEC semi-final of AI and Big data. This program was organized by the Campania New Steel incubator in cooperation with the University of Napoli Federico II and took place in China (Wuzhen/Suzhou/Beijing) the last week of October 2019. Recently, Aindo was hired by Health and Longevity Optimization Limited. The project involves the development of a model to predict predispositions for various illnesses based on lifestyle and physiology. Finally, Aindo is involved in educational activities. In June 2019, the team was invited to give a talk on generative models at the IBM studios in Milan during the IBM think Summit. In July 2019, a tailored course on AI tools and techniques was provided to the Anzani Trading Group.