Aindo obtains investment from Vertis SGR

We are delighted to share that Aindo has obtained a €2.8 million investment from Vertis SGR for the further development of our synthetic data generator INTUITE.AI. By removing privacy concerns and data shortcomings, this technology is revolutionizing the way in which data is collected, stored, exchanged and even perceived. The investment allows us to step up all our activities, from R&D and IT to business development and communications.

It is our shared passion for artificial intelligence that got us this far, but this is only the beginning. We want everyone to benefit from the endless possibilities synthetic data will shortly bring. We sincerely thank Vertis SGRSISSAArea Science Park and all interested parties for sharing our belief in the bold synthetic data dream! Let’s build the future of data science together!


“In the healthcare and insurance sectors, we witnessed first-hand how big the impact of data science is. By properly analysing data, not only can business targets be much easier achieved, lives can even be saved. It was through these experiences that we shaped our vision of making cutting-edge advances in AI and data science available to the world. With INTUITE.AI, this vision has come to fruition.

“The investment of the Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer Fund allows us to step up all our activities. We are assembling one of the best AI teams in Europe, if not the world. We will upscale our R&D activities so that our technology is always the most cutting-edge solution. We will increase our IT activities to facilitate the most intuitive user experience. Our business development and communications branches will be expanded, so we can better inform the world about the endless possibilities that INTUITE.AI provides.”

Daniele Panfilo, CEO


Find out more about the investment in the Press Release (in Italian).